6 Emerging Trends in Graphic Design

"Visually appealing designs are like icing on the cakes; even the tastiest of them won't sell unless they're presented well."

Keeping this ideology in mind, many startups have been established, which revolves around creating captivating designs and campaigns. Whenever you speak of your brand to your customers, the first thing they identify your brand with is your brand's image. That, of course, includes your company's logo, tagline, and trending products. Make sure you create and sell designs and products which click with your buyers' mindset.
With this thought process in mind, let us explore the 6 most attractive and trending designs which are sure to hit the shelves in the upcoming days.

1. Vibrant Color Schemes: A millennial's choice of colors that shifts the focus from traditional colors to more on non-traditional ones. While it's pretty hard to digest the fact that blacks, whites, and blues will slowly fade out from the trend, it's equally hard to accept that neons and hues will dominate. They are also known as punk or rainbow colors. Bolder, crazier and fancier, designers have already started using them to stand out from the crowd and build a culture around it.

NEONS, HUES, and a bunch if crazy shades of BLUE AND RED are colors forming the future of designs.
Neon Space
   vibrant color pallette

Attractive neon design


2. Ultra-thin lines and simple geometrical shapes: Be it a cluster of straight lines or a simple collection of triangles, these design layouts are certain to hit into your customers' minds. They express simplicity, straightforwardness, and class. T-shirts with geometrical designs will sell more than their counterparts. They may also be presented as a premium segment product. Many brands, nowadays, are inclining towards transient lines and shapes even more than novelty designs. Try to create new shapes using simple geometry. Who knows when you might hit the sweet spot?

simple geometric colorful design  metamorphic design

Cluster of lines forming X


3. Minimalist Designs: What comes first to your mind when you hear the word Minimalism? Elegance? Simplicity? A way of life? Well, all of these are absolutely equally correct. Minimalist designs aren't just a mix of sober colors, instead they represent a way of life, and identification. Lovers of minimalism love nature, peace, fun and adventure. There's a fine line between minimalist and ordinary, and that points to the use of colors. While the former is primarily based on light shades, the latter doesn't have any constraint on color use. And Minimalism is more than just simplicity, it's a form of Expressionism. Here every color or object used adds to the value of the whole picture.

Minimalist boat art  minimalist furniture placementMinimalist photography   Minimalist office layout


4. Typographic Designs: One-liners, quotes, short sentences, and words, aren't they the sharpest swords? Creating them isn't a bullish task, and they look beautiful and wholesome too. Handwritten fonts, colorful texts, and paintbrush designs look way cooler than one can imagine. On top of that, you can proudly flaunt your personality through these typographic wearables and garments. In fact, the bestseller designs on Etsy are typographics. They are the future of trend. You can have a look at our list of top-selling graphic tees.


Typographic Dad design

5. Niche Designs: If you want to stand out amidst the top-level guns, you've got to create designs that cater to specific segments of people. Nearly 90% of the designers fail to capture the audience just because they refrain from doing thorough market research. The world out there is huge, with vast arrays of people, and each one of them seeks items that reverberate with their interests. Make sure you target the right ones, and soon, you'll own the world. Make sure to check out our exclusive dog-based T Shirts here.



6. Dark-themed dystopian Designs: Not everyone loves liveliness and light. There exist some people who cherish their dark side too. Dark represents fear, but also calmness; dead-end, but also a new life; ghosts, but also power to thwart them. There's a whole culture based around darkness and dystopia. Black is the favorite color of many of us. Dystopia is usually expressed using cold colors, forming on destructive futuristic ideas, and eerie fonts. From a different perspective, it makes us aware of the dark future that lies ahead, and be wary of the upcoming.

Dystopian Design Abstract        Dystopian skull depicting death

Ultimate dystopia and darkness


It took a great deal of time and effort to curate this list for readers like you, who are my favorite. I would be utmost delighted if you could share this post. Also, do not forget to check out our trending design T-Shirts catalog

Thank you for reading. Let's have a conversation. Leave a comment.


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